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Get promoted and endorsed by influencers with 80,000 to 100,000 followers and an engagement rate of 2.5% or more (which is higher than the industry standard). They will create content using your products and also mention your page in their caption to drive their audience to your Instagram page.

With the great relationship we have with these Influencers (from years of holding influencer events and our bi yearly influencer press trips) we are at a unique position. We fully understand what a brand needs from an Influencer post while on the other hand we fully understand how the influencers can create paid content in a way that is authentic to their followers to get the most engagement - all of these while keeping the cost of this below the industry standard rate so you can save more while getting the best.

These exclusive influencer post would usually be an image of the influencer with your product in the image.
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We have a great rapport with numerous influencers through our regular influencer activities, events and international press trips, as such, you can expect our rates to be well below industry standards.

According to social media marketing platform ‘Later’, influencers with 80k to 100k followers charge an average of £550 per dedicated post. Thanks to our great relationships with influencers, you can expect to spend only about half of that.

Talk about the perfect price for startups, with the assistance of an experienced agency to ensure they are making the best content to suit your brand while also keeping it as authentic as possible to get the most engagement from their audience
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This means that the influencer will create a post specifically for you, no other brand will be mentioned in that post but you sending all the traffic from that post to your page
Can I choose the influencer(s)
Certainly we work with so many Influencers (all within the 80k - 100k followers + 2.5% engagement rate), to commence your project we will provide you with a list to choose from
Can I use the content created by the influencers?
Of course you can, that is one of the main benefits of influencer marketing. They'll create content with your product (saving you the cost of photography, model, studio hire, makeup and hair etc) while also publishing the image and sending traffic to your page. it's a no brainer

We also totally understand how important social proof is, especially to startups. We have the rights to all the content created by influencers for your brand, and this is passed on to you. You are welcome to use this content on your website and/or your social media platforms.

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What better way to reach a wider audience and cement the status of your brand than with media coverage in widely-acclaimed print publications. We can feature your personal story and/or your brand in these three magazines, which all target very different, yet important, demographics. Why market to one type of audience when you could be reaching an entire nation of customers who will love and spend with your brand
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Currently one of the most widely-read Black lifestyle magazines in the UK. Based in the UK, Glam Africa showcases the best in Black and African beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Glam Africa can be seen on newsstands all over the country, including retailers such as WHSmith, and all major airports.
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This is a luxury beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine distributed at airports, as well as 5-star hotels and locations in the UK and US.

News, edits and opinions for the modern woman who appreciates clean, minimal and
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This handbag-sized premium fashion and beauty magazine is made with the British Muslim woman in mind. British Muslims make up more than 12% of London’s population. This is a massive audience, and contains potential customers with a great spending power that you should not miss in your diverse marketing.

Hayat Magazine is distributed for free inside The Muslm News, a monthly newspaper that has served the British Muslim community since 1989, which has published more than 375 editions to date.
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With PR agencies, you are often tied into an expensive £350- £1000 monthly retainer while also being unable to guarantee exactly which feature you will get, when you will get it and how much coverage you will get. With us, we don't have to shop around to get you coverage. This means we can guarantee what you get and when you get it, which saves time as you won’t have to wait around for editors to choose you. Furthermore, we eliminate the middleman/third parties by featuring you in publications that we manage. The associated cost savings can thus be passed on to you as well.
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Can I choose which magazine to be featured in?
Yes, you totally can. Even better, maximise exposure for your brand, while also swooping yourself a deal by getting your brand in all three magazines. Imagine being published in 3 print magazines back-to-back merely weeks apart.
Are these adverts or actual features?
These are full features about your brand and/or your products, and will include your contact details as well.
Will these low rates be for a full page?
You have the choice of a full page or a brand mention. Whichever option you go for, you can trust that it will cost much lower than the average rate card of most magazines. The mentions (approximately 200 characters) seem to be more popular with our startups because the cost on average is 4x less than the price for a full page feature.
Will I know when the magazine is out?
Yes, we will give you a publishing date in advance. You will also receive free copies once the edition is released.